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Messerchmitt ME-262. German Jet Fighter. World War 2

Messerchmitt ME-262. German Jet Fighter. World War 2

German Nazi Germany was a strong supporter of jet technology and developed the first turbojet powered aircraft called the Heinkel HE178 which flew in 1939, only days before the German invasion of Poland. The Messerchmitt ME-262 was not the first fighter jet in World War 2. This was the Heinkel HE-280, although it would emerge several months before the British Gloucester Meteor. Nevertheless, the ME-262 was an advanced design in a war that signaled the dawning of the Jet Age. It was sleek in appearance with swept wings and a powerful armament.

Development of the ME-262

Under secret development for several years as Project 1065, before the war had even started, the ME-262 prototype was ready in 1940. With a Junker Jumo-210 Piston engine turning the propeller because of delays in the intended turbo jets The first test flight of the ME-262 V1 was on April 18th 1941. On July 18th 1942 the ME-262, now in its third prototype phase, flew for the first time with turbo jets. Its power plant were two Junkers-Jumo 004 turbo jets. While these were better than the previously tested BMW 003 engines they had a short operational lifespan of just 20 to 25 hours due to shortages of heat resistant materials. The jet had a maximum speed of 900 km/h or 559 mp/h

Variants and Use in Combat

Some of the major variants were the Hunter nicknamed “The Swallow”, the Bomber nicknamed the “Storm Bird” and an experimental two-seater night fighter. In its bomber role it was armed with two 250kg bombs but with no bomb sights targeting accuracy was difficult. As a fighter, and therefore without the weight of bombs, it was deadly against Allied aircraft. It was armed with four 30mm MK-108 cannons. The jet could also be fitted with 24 R4M rockets which could take down a B-17 bomber with ease. In less than a year of operational service the ME-262 had proved that it was an effective innovative weapon against the allied bombers and their escorts.

Action in Combat and Outcome

The jet fighter first saw action in the summer of 1944. In August the first ME-262 lost to the enemy was shot down by a P-47 Thunderbolt. The Unit JV44 commanded by General Adolf Galland saw much success against enemy bombers with a 4 to 1 kill ratio. While it was much faster than the P-51 Mustang, it was less maneuverable which US pilots took advantage of when the ME-262 was making turns. It would also be vulnerable to enemy aircraft during takeoff and landing on runways. For Germany the ME-262 came into the war too late. Allied made production difficult and only 1433 total ME-262s would be built.

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ME-262 Specification Details
Maximum Speed 900 km/h or 559 mp/h
Armament Four 30mm MK-108 cannons, 24 R4M rockets
Operational Lifespan 20 to 25 hours due to shortages of heat resistant materials


In conclusion, the Messerchmitt ME-262 was an innovative and deadly weapon for Nazi Germany during World War 2, despite its late introduction to the war. Its speed and armament made it a formidable aircraft in combat, and its impact on aviation history is significant.

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