Bârlogul rău al lui Hitler în munții germani (Cuibul vulturului) = Hitler’s evil lair in the German mountains (Eagles Nest)

Hitler’s Eagles Nest

Gift to Adolf Hitler: The Eagle’s Nest

As a gift to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday, the keelstein house, or Eagle’s Nest, was commissioned by Martin Borman in 1937 and completed just 13 months later. The small Chalet rests on a ridge 1820 meters above sea level, atop The kierstein which is a sub-peak of the Hoard Gull.

Historical Significance

Its location in Bavaria, a region in the south of Germany, is significant because Hitler is reported to have found inspiration from the surrounding scenic landscape. Supposedly, Hitler credited the area around Obersalzburg with helping him find the inspiration to finish Mein Kampf. It’s worth clarifying that Obersalzburg and the Eagle’s Nest are not the same. Obersalzburg refers to the area with multiple buildings, while the Eagle’s Nest specifically refers to the small chalet perched on the Kehlstein.

Berghof and Eagle’s Nest

Prior to the Eagle’s Nest, Hitler had another small chalet in Obersalzburg, a massive Alpine Farmhouse named Berghof. Hitler greatly expanded the building and completely refurbished its interior with the help of architect Elwar Degano, under the supervision of Martin Borman. Hitler would spend almost a third of his time as Chancellor at Berghof, using it as a place to entertain world leaders and as a last holdout when the Allies were closing in.

Visiting Eagles Nest

Although Adolf Hitler was afraid of heights and rarely visited the Eagle’s Nest, visitors today can still enjoy the drive up to the Chalet. Now a tourist attraction, it offers stunning views of the surrounding mountain ranges and a restaurant at the top for visitors to enjoy.

Capturing Eagle’s Nest

Allied Forces captured the structure in early May of 1945 and used it as a military command post until 1960 when it was returned to the Bavarian government. There were disputes over which Allied country was the first to capture the town, with different divisions claiming the honor. Ultimately, capturing the small Chalet atop the Kehlstein was a prize among the Allied countries.

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