Da, chiar poți mânca un autobuz.

The Science of Eating: Can You Eat a Bus?

The Science of Eating: Can You Eat a Bus?

People spend a lot of time looking forward to their next meal. Will it be pizza, a burger, a salad or… a bus? I mean, could you eat a bus? A strange question, it seems, but let’s find out! The point of eating is to provide your body with energy.

The Digestive Process

Food enters the mouth where it’s broken down into smaller pieces by saliva and chewing. It then enters the belly where the movement of the muscles around the stomach and gastric juices break it down further. From the stomach the mixture of food passes into the small intestine and large intestine where useful nutrients, and water from your meal are absorbed. The remaining material is waste and a poop which exits through… your butt hole.

The Role of Enzymes

Enzymes are molecules in our body which help speed up the reactions and chemically break down food. They are present throughout most of the digestive process but are picky about what they want to break down. For example, in your saliva, the enzyme amylase starts breaking down carbohydrates to maltose, a type of sugar. But, in the small intestine, another enzyme called maltase converts the maltose to glucose which is then used for energy by the body. However, some people lack the necessary enzymes to break down specific foods.

Eating Unusual Objects

When it comes to eating a bus, we don’t have enzymes specifically designed to chemically break down glass, steel or plastic, but that hasn’t stopped humans from eating remarkable things. Mashalla Tito, a French entertainer known as Mr. Eat Everything, consumed, among other things, a computer, a pair of skis, six chandeliers and an airplane! This task took two years to finish.

The Dangers of Pica

Pica, a condition where people consume non-food items, can be quite dangerous as severe complications may arise from eating things our bodies weren’t designed to process. Mashalla Lotito, however, had an insatiable desire to eat things like dirt, rubber and metal, likely due to his pica.


So, then, how did Mashalla Lotito do it? It’s said that Lotito had an abnormally thick stomach lining which prevented structural damage as the metal passed through his system. In this case, he just got lucky that his pica coincided with a well suited biological abnormality. Hypothetically, maybe, with a rare thick stomach lining and the bus chopped into tiny pieces over many years, it might be possible. But, technically, since you don’t produce any enzymes for it, and you absorbing any nutrients, you aren’t actually eating the bus, just simply… passing it through.

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