Daniel Drew: rogue de pe Wall Street

Epoca Revoluției Industriale din secolul al XIX-lea

Epoca Revoluției Industriale din secolul al XIX-lea

Transformarea națiunii

Secolul al XIX-lea a fost o perioadă de creștere și schimbare enormă la nivel mondial. În Statele Unite, revoluția industrială a transformat națiunea dintr-un peisaj agricol într-o țară a metropolelor în creștere. Căile ferate și vaporarele au schimbat în mod real natura vieții așa cum o cunoșteau oamenii.

A fost și o perioadă de creștere a piețelor financiare, precum Wall Street, unde managerii de bani și brokerii de acțiuni puteau face avere peste noapte și le pierdeau aproape la fel de repede. Acesta a fost lumea lui Cornelius Vanderbilt și a baronilor hoți infami cum ar fi Jay Gould și Diamond Jim Fisk. Și chiar alături de aceștia, și la fel de activ financiar, era un drog de vite analfabet care, folosind tactici subterfugiate, a făcut milioane la Wall Street. Deși aproape uitat, povestea lui Daniel Drew, unul dintre cei mai vizibili hoți de pe Wall Street, merită să fie amintită.

Nașterea lui Daniel Drew

Daniel Drew s-a născut pe 29 iulie 1797 pe o fermă rurală situată la circa 50 de mile de New York, lângă orașul Carmel. Daniel a avut puține școli, dar a fost implicat în cel de-al doilea Mare Trezir al vremurilor, printr-o revigorare metodistă. Tatăl său a murit în 1812, iar Daniel a servit ca soldat în locul altcuiva în timpul războiului din 1812, deși nu a participat la lupte. Acum, el a simțit gustul lumii dincolo de fermă și a făcut un plan: “Vreau banii mei pentru a cumpăra vite și a le vinde la New York”.

Ascensiunea pe Wall Street

După ce orașele au crescut, crescând astfel necesarul de vite, orașe precum New York au avut nevoie de mai multă hrană decât puteau obține din împrejurimi. Astfel, drogurile de vite erau necesare pentru a găsi vite departe și a le conduce în oraș pentru a le vinde. Daniel a început, cel mai probabil, cu grupuri mici de vite și miei și a lucrat până sus. Prin tradiție, unul dintre cele mai cunoscute escrocherii ale lui Drew se referă la unchiul lui Henry Astor, fratele mai mare al celebrului mogul John Jacob Astor. Se spune că Drew și-a dat vitele sare până când acestea erau disperate de sete și apoi le-a lăsat să bea înainte de vânzare. Poveștile precum aceasta au fost originile legendarului termen de pe Wall Street, “stocuri diluate”, dar în realitate aceasta nu s-a întâmplat probabil.

Nume Date
Cornelius Vanderbilt Industria feroviară
Jay Gould Baron al hoților de pe Wall Street
Diamond Jim Fisk Speculator financiar
  1. Creșterea pieței financiare și Wall Street
  2. Războiul de pe Wall Street dintre Drew și Vanderbilt
  3. Ultimele zile ale lui Daniel Drew


În concluzie, Daniel Drew a fost unul dintre persoanele cele mai influente din perioada revoluției industriale din secolul al XIX-lea. Deși a fost un hoț pe Wall Street, contribuția și impactul său în lumea financiară rămân de necontestat. A fost un exemplu al visului american, pornind de la nimic și ajungând la avere. Povestea sa ar trebui să fie amintită și studiată, deoarece ne oferă o perspectivă unică asupra acestei perioade tulburi a istoriei.

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  • It still flips me out that folks that have money like that dont have a golden parachute plan just in case everything goes sideways. This guy could have dropped a box with a 100,000 grand in it at his brother's farm and never worried about being poor again. Today you could get a couple gold bricks and just bury them. When the auditors come and ask what happened to the money? Drugs and strip clubs and I dont have a receipts.

  • History Guy, I don't think that you realize, that to die a bed in your grandmother's house after a lifetime of triumph, is the greatest triumph of all.

  • Which ones aren't?

  • THG: You did an episode on the dandelion, which was fascinating. It reminded me of another "weed" , the tumbleweed. Love to hear the story of this non-indiginous, yet widely recognized Western plant.

  • I really enjoy your channel, i have never seen one of your videos that i haven't enjoyed.

  • Ah, the good old "Golden Rule"- He who has the gold makes the rules!

  • Reading the comments, I’m mildly surprised at the lack of vitriolic & bilious comments alluding to a recent major political figure. I expected another exercise in rancor with comparisons between the men’s business strategies!

  • There's a rumor about people who might have a low heart rate they crave excitement he could have been among them. The others were true villains but Drew wasn't as bad at least he wasn't killed by a dead Pharoah like Gould

  • You, and Mark Felton, help to create an island of scholasticism in a sea of YouTube dreck. As a historian myself (33 years in the classroom), your channel cannot hope to produce enough content to satiate my hunger. You are, however, encouraged to try. 😉

  • What I find funny is that these "terrible" robber barons built more public infrastructure and facilities then today's woke richest people in the world.

  • A good subject for a dramatized biographical film.

  • The attempted coup involving President Roosevelt, a group of greedy corporate leaders, and Smedley Butler deserves to be remembered.

  • Well, at least they got Martha Stewart. LOL. Thanks for another great video

  • I do like the comment, wall st shenanigans are not necessarily limited to that time period!
    Very diplomatic!

  • Some of us were aware of Drew. Living outside a small town that grew because the Erie main line came through – and is still here today physically – might have something to do with it. An excellent story as usual.

  • Wall street corruption, political corruption, moral corruption, ethical corruption unfortunately has always been part of America. Its all about money and power not about value of life.

  • Wow! Great story – sort of includes pirates!

  • What, dishonest people on Wall Street? Unthinkable!

  • Like a comb over, was Daniel Drew. He fooled himself.

  • Is it me or do all your stories sound the same? A hungry man finds a waterhole, kills game until the blood and guts contaminate , until society's sphincter expels the poison. The law is socialist in nature, the many out weigh the few, but evidence must be more than shit on your shoes

  • Another obscure American, thank you

  • I find your content fascinating and your delivery entertaining. Please, continue your good work, and I thank you.

  • A terrific tale of wall street shennanigans! Thanks for the forgotten history.

  • Wonderful video, there aren't a lot on this subject on YouTube! I don't know where you found all this information, but congratulations! Almost nothing on Internet neither… I found. Just a little commentary… I personally think you're talking a little fast for a complex subject as the technical terms related to the stock market. Do what you want!

  • Excellent presentation on the SPECULATIVE DIRECTOR of the ERIE railroad. It was his and the others manipulations of Erie stock which lead to it being the Weary Erie and the long held statement that there will be icelicies in Hades when Erie common pays a dividend.

  • Thats the perfect way to die in my opinion. Accumulating that much wealth and living it to the fullest only to die with less than $200 to his name. What's wrong with that? Would he have been more impressive by giving himself a $1 million dollar funeral or giving it to the long line of family members that had their hands out after his death. PERFECT WAY TO GO.

  • Almost as good a stock market manipulator as Nancy Pelosi

  • Let's be honest: everyone on Wall Street is a Villain.

  • I have to ask, what day did he acquire the 22 cents that was part of the value of his estate?😁

  • I wish there was more information on Jacob little. He was my favorite character from this era of the wild Wild West of Wall Street

  • Good job History Guy! Good to hear a detailed story on Drew. Jay Gould would be good to hear. Bet-a- Million Gates, Jesse Livermore, The Match King: Ivar Kreuger, Gerald Tsai of the 60s go-go years–so many interesting stories in the world of finance and business that deserve to be remembered.

  • Did he fool himself, or all the greedy folks after his fortune?

  • Another great episode! I recognized the names of Jay Gould and Jim Fisk from high school history: I didn't know there was a Daniel Drew who stood toe to toe with the famous robber barons – was part of a scheming triumvirate.

    I also gained some knowledge about the Commodore recently. Most of these guys claimed to be men of faith – like J.D. Rockefeller; however – and I could be wrong – many of them had no problem with unscrupulous business practices.

    Concerning Drew fooling others until in the end he fooled himself: long ago I learned that the only person who can make a fool of us is ourselves. I've recently watched videos about men being cuckolded – a term I encountered in Shakespeare, likely "Othello." It's how we react to adverse situations that colors us as a fool or no. I'll likely comment in this vein another time.

  • Civil War era Trading Places

  • Wild to think that with all the Vanderbilts had and did all we know of them now is one guy on TV and his Mom who passed away a few years ago…I do love history.

  • So many powerful die penniless.

  • Sometimes the application of ethics to a changing system is indeed intriguing

  • Drew wanted an exciting life. Well, he certainly succeeded.

  • Missed you Mr History Guy! I watched you with MOM every Time you had a new subject, and re-ran Planty of episodes!! Mom loved your channel, your voice, content, the whole shebang!
    Mom passed away, and I got busy with the thing that must get done! Watching again, commenting to Mom, I bet she is listening to my comments and you.
    Thanks again!

  • Dying with money is a sin ☮️❤️🎰


  • As a drew alumni I am dryly amused

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