Evacuările din Munții Înalți: Explicate (Documentar scurt animat)

Titlu: Cele mai bune metode de a economisi bani


Dacă vrei să economisești bani, există numeroase metode pe care le poți folosi pentru a-ți atinge obiectivele financiare. În acest articol, vom discuta câteva strategii simple dar eficiente pentru a economisi bani în mod constant.


Unul dintre cele mai eficiente moduri de a economisi bani este de a-ți stabili un buget lunar. Creează o listă detaliată a veniturilor și cheltuielilor tale și stabilește o sumă pe care vrei să o economisești în fiecare lună. Apoi, fă tot posibilul să te ții de acest buget și să depui acea sumă de bani într-un cont de economii.

Investiții inteligente

O altă modalitate de a economisi bani este de a investi în mod inteligent. Caută oportunități de investiții care să-ți ofere un randament constant și sigur. Poți alege să investești în acțiuni, obligațiuni sau alte instrumente financiare care să-ți sporească economiile în timp.

Reducerea cheltuielilor

Un alt aspect important al economisirii banilor este de a te concentra pe reducerea cheltuielilor inutile. Fă o listă a cheltuielilor tale și identifică zone în care poți tăia sau reduce costurile. Poate că poți renunța la unele abonamente sau să găsești alternative mai ieftine pentru anumite servicii.


Economisirea banilor nu este un proces dificil, dar necesită disciplină și planificare. Prin bugetare, investiții inteligente și reducerea cheltuielilor, poți atinge obiectivele tale financiare în mod eficient. Nu uita să-ți stabilești obiective clare și să te ții de planul tău de economisire, pentru a obține rezultate pe termen lung.

Clip video in engleza despre asta, numit : The Highland Clearances: Explained (Scurt documentar animat)

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  • The fact that the UK still exists is a goddamn miracle. Lord knows if I were scottish I'd vote for independance

  • this video has a huge flaw the settlement of Australia and new Zealand would not take place for a century after clearances ended.

  • Someone said genocide?

  • Thank you for highlighting the fact this was not the "evil English" as many historians do. Most of the British endeavours (good and bad) were committed by all 4 nationalities upon all 4 nationalities.

  • The Highland Clearances also meant the banning of tartan, bagpipes, other Scottish tradition and the speaking of Gaelic. It was a process of Anglificiation of Scotland.

  • And now, guys, you don't need to watch "Outlander".

  • A very flippant presentation, where 100's died as a result of the brutality of those henchmen, some of the old were burned alive in their homes. And yes, it was all orchestrated from London. And yes, it was the selfish, greedy, super rich behind it all.

  • Fun fact a few years later the Scottish-Americans kick the English out of the USA. 😃

  • I find people often confuse the Clearances with Enclosure, which was very different in its motivations and effects.

  • Imagine that, the british waltz in and completely dismantle a thriving socio-economic system for their own benefit. Where have we heard this before?

    Right. Everywhere.

  • Who would recognize the house of orange after the Glencoe massacre?

  • When we visited Scotland a few years ago. We stayed at a B&B near Loch Ness and there were a lot of signs warning about "feral goats." We asked the owners what this was about and they said that some of these were goats left behind during the clearances who are now pests, eatings crops, flowers, etc. and sometimes attacking people.

  • I’m a Gaelic speaker, and this kind of reprehensible behavior is exactly where the Celtic (not including the Welsh) hatred for England comes from. The lowlanders had their bad moments too, mind you but it really doesn’t compare to the scope of what the English did (some of the worst lowlander moments, like the plantation of Ulster were actually ordered by the English, too.)

  • Do a video in the Jacobite Rebellions

  • While many of the reasons for the clearances of my ancestors were malicious, the Highlands were also massively overpopulated at the time, the largest population it had ever held, well more than the marginal local farmland could support, due to the Napoleonic Wars providing the region more than one lucrative cottage industry to buy in food and supplies with, propping up the population growth artificially. When the wars ended and the Kelp industry collapsed, combined with the global potato blight hitting not long after, in many places it was either move or starve no matter what.

  • Interesting to hear you say mar-kwis.

  • The scots politically neutering themselves? You surely jest

  • Revert it and you get a GOT lookalike map

  • It was a classic class struggle.

  • Despite popular belief. lowland scots aren't germanic. overall scotland is 70% celtic in origin.

  • I am thinking we descendants of these "cleared out" peoples need to return home and claim out birthright

  • Gun shot…. buss boy

  • The fact that Hadrian is readily recogniseable still amazes me

  • Wish you would tell dpd where the Highlands are, when it comes to scottish history the north east of Scotland is missed out as you romance about the Highlands, at culloden half the jacobite spoke with z buchan accent, but hey that's not romantic enough , then comes paying for delivery's, all of a sudden we're the Highlands and we've to pay more for delivery's.
    Remember the A9 isn't a border .
    And the first uprising the old pretender landed at peterhead, hardly as tartan shortbread bagpipes as Glenfinnan.
    Just saying, and there was clearances in the North east as well, but the turned their hand to other things.

  • This is the sanitisation of colonialism and prevertion of history ,the colonial masters hand was behind the clearances it was done with intent and malice.

  • Thank fuck my highland Chief kicked my family out of the Highlands. I would have born a fucking poor, braindead Scot.

    Instead I was born a Canadian. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Wow… how am I just now learning of this? I wonder what Scotland would be like today if this had not taken place?

  • Now the west bank can get flooded when the real game starts 😂

  • Makes me so sad!!! I'm a Rollo descendant in America , Richardson name My father, My grandmother , MacDonald, Wilkerson, My other grandma Hunter!!!

  • hold on, NZ had a hand in this? This opens up a new flank of racism

  • Have the English ever done anything that doesn't involve destroying peoples homes?

  • There were also the Lowland Clearances.

  • I surprised every country doesn't beg for English rule.

  • Well all I know is that this wouldn't of happened if the english never existed in the first place

  • It's time for Scotland to be free

  • My Scottish family came to America because of the Clearances, some of whom married into the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (often referred to by the French exonym Iroquois). Turns out folks from clan systems with strong matrilineal power, communal longhouses, cultures of ritualistic hospitality and reciprocity, and an abiding hatred of imperialism actually get along pretty darn well! The first time I tried to research my Seneca roots, I found a picture of elders meeting for a council where multiple men were wearing kilts, and the St. Andrew’s cross was hung below the flag of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Nice to see the bonds still alive. 😄🥰

  • … until they got a bit too catholic. 😀

  • In Scotland right now, and our tour guide said that the famous Highland cattle weren’t actually their trademark ginger color until the 19th century. Before that – like in Rob Roy’s era – they were black, and it wasn’t until the Victorian era when crossbreeding efforts began that turned them ginger. Also, apparently the term blackmail originated with Rob Roy, referring to the color of the cattle and the Gaelic word for money or payment, as he essentially extorted the English to protect their cattle from other thieves.

  • i advise everyone to read Prof Tom Devine's 'The Scottish Clearances'.

  • I came to learn more about this shocking injustice, but I can't stop giggling at the sheep with Maori face tattoos.

  • England must pay reparations. Everyone wants reparations for events that happened to their, maybe, ancestors two hundred or so years ago.

  • English are so quick to blame Scotland for this but then dont mention mfers like george granville

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