“Lucrătorul de claie (Cele mai proaste locuri de muncă din istorie)”

The Disgusting Job of the Gong Farmer

The Disgusting Job of the Gong Farmer

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Before modern plumbing, the job of the gong farmer was essential in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of communities. Also known as nightmen, these workers were tasked with the collection and disposal of human waste.

The Work of the Gong Farmer

The term “gong” comes from the old English word “gang,” meaning to go, reflecting the nature of the gong farmer’s task. During the Tudor period in England, public latrines were commonly used in urban areas to collect waste in large cesspits below them.

The maintenance and construction of these cesspits and cesspools were crucial in preventing the spread of disease within the city. The waste collected in the cesspits needed to be disposed of properly to prevent overflow and contamination of water supplies.

Disposing of Night Soil

It was the job of the gong farmer to remove the waste from the cesspits and transport it to larger cesspits outside of town or sell it as fertilizer to local farmers. The work was often done by a team of men, with designated roles for handling the waste.

Health Hazards and Dangers

In addition to being an unpleasant job, the work of the nightmen presented serious health hazards. They faced increased risks of infection, sickness, and disease from exposure to the waste. Poor ventilation in the cesspits could also lead to death from asphyxiation.

The maintenance and construction of cesspits and latrines also presented hazards, as poorly constructed structures could collapse, trapping workers in the excrement below.

The Decline of Gong Farming

As better sanitation practices and infrastructure were developed, the need for gong farmers began to diminish. The invention of underground sewer systems and flush toilets revolutionized the methods of waste disposal, leading to the decline of this difficult and dangerous job.

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