Please meet the newest source of energy for saving the planet.

Revolutionary Power Sources: Magma and Geologic Hydrogen

Revolutionary Power Sources: Magma and Geologic Hydrogen

Magma: A Futuristic Energy Source

Volcanologists studying the inner workings of volcanoes have discovered a potential new power source that could change the world forever. The pressure of the earth pushing down on itself creates such intense temperatures that under the Earth’s surface there are these magma chambers which are pools of hot molten rock near the Earth’s crust. Some of them are so close to the surface that they spew out lava randomly, destroying towns and buildings. This is a horrifying scenario and happened because we don’t know that much about magma chambers. However, there is new technology in order to find and study them. The heat energy stored beneath the earth’s surface contains 50,000 times more energy than all fossil fuel resources on Earth combined. Therefore, scientists obviously want to figure out how to harness this incredible heat as energy. Magma chamber research is happening in volcanically active places like Hawaii, Mexico, Kenya, and Iceland which, according to new technological breakthroughs, may be on the precipice of creating this futuristic energy source.

Near Magma Geothermal Energy

Currently, geothermal plants operate at temperatures of 250° C. They involve drilling into warm rock and circulating water to produce steam that drives turbines. Near magma geothermal energy will operate at temperatures that can compete with fossil fuels by producing dry steam at 400° C and higher, creating pressure that is 10 times more efficient than normal geothermal plants. Magma chamber research will be essential to understanding how we can create this new energy infrastructure in the future. The current challenges include the size of the borehole going into the magma chamber and energy storage issues.

Geologic Hydrogen: Gold Hydrogen

Geologists and geophysicists are searching for geologic hydrogen, also known as gold hydrogen, a colorless and odorless gas that burns without producing CO2. A large reserve of geologic hydrogen was found in Mali in 2012, sparking a flurry of research to figure out where else in the world this gold hydrogen may be hiding. Trillions of tons of available geologic hydrogen have been estimated to exist on Earth, with significant deposits found in places such as the Pyrenees and Haar Mountains. New AI technology is scanning the Earth for signs of hydrogen reserves, and physicists believe that if the understanding of how this hydrogen gas is created within the Earth is understood, there are ways that we could stimulate the production of hydrogen and gas creating a new way to make green energy.


While we need to ramp up tried and tested and true ideas such as solar, wind, classic geothermal, and nuclear energy, the new research around near magma geothermal and geologic hydrogen are exciting. These could potentially take off and be the new energy power sources of our future. It’s important to understand and support new scientific ideas that are trying to help get us off of our addiction to fossil fuels. In the future, we might be living off magma and geologic hydrogen, and that’s an exciting prospect!

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