Recordul lui Sniper de dobândire a uciderii duble. (Note: It is not clear what the original text is referring to, so the translation provided is a direct translation of the original text.)

Articol despre Craig Harrison

The Tale of Maverick 41: The Remarkable Sniper Story

Sergeant Craig Harrison, also known as Maverick 41, has gained worldwide recognition for his incredible double kill as a British Army sniper. This article will delve into the fascinating details of his record-breaking feat.


Craig Harrison’s journey as a skilled sniper began during his service in the Balkans, where he made an astonishing shot using a Soviet sniper rifle. This experience solidified his passion for long-range marksmanship, leading him to become a sniper for the British Army.

November 2009: The Double Kill

During a mission in Afghanistan, Harrison was tasked with providing sniper cover for a joint operation involving the British Army’s Household Cavalry Regiment and the Royal Yorkshire Regiment, along with Afghan National Army soldiers.

Set in Helmand province, the mission involved clearing a treacherous area strewn with Taliban compounds. Harrison took a strategic position on a high point, equipped with an Accuracy International L115A3 rifle loaded with 338 Lapua Magnum cartridges.

The Sniper Mission

Accompanied by his spotter, Harrison meticulously monitored the area, identifying Taliban compounds and potential threats. His keen observation skills allowed him to neutralize a significant number of insurgents, effectively supporting the ground forces.

Unprecedented Precision

Harrison’s precision and accuracy under extreme pressure were exemplified by his remarkable series of shots, targeting enemy combatants and RPG teams with unparalleled skill and efficiency. His ability to adapt to rapidly evolving combat scenarios and make split-second decisions played a crucial role in the success of the mission.

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Craig Harrison’s legendary double kill stands as a testament to the extraordinary capabilities of a skilled sniper. His unwavering dedication and unparalleled marksmanship serve as an inspiration to aspiring snipers and gamers alike.

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