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Scishow Quiz Show Transcript

Scishow Quiz Show: Real Smart People Test Their Knowledge

Hello everybody and welcome to Scishow Quiz Show where real smart people test their knowledge about all kinds of science and win prizes for two of our supporting patrons on Patreon. You are confirmed real smart person, thank you. No injury hurt, you know, I just was disappointed with how bad the high-five was. I thought it’s it no one would have known. [Applause] I’m your host Michael Aranda and today our contestants are executive producer for VidCon International but also a secretly talented science poet Julie amazed myself go against Hank Green who hasn’t yet published any science poetry that we know of but has written some excellent music. Yes sure, I mean what’s the difference really between a poem and a song? Later you want do you have opinions on that? Yeah, I do but not now. Oh, I don’t, okay. As a special thank you to our supporters on Patreon, we’ve selected two of you at random to win some prizes. Hank you will be playing for Melanie Rowland, hello Melanie. Julie, you are playing for Alex Tomlinson, hi Alex Tomlinson. Stefan show our contestants what they could win today. Melanie and Alex, y’all are in for a treat. You will both be taking home the signed cards from our final round with our contestants final guesses and wagers on them, the winner will also receive the I won Scishow Quiz Show pin and some top secret swag from but the loser of today’s quiz show will of course receive the extra special made with Karen love, I lost Scishow Quiz Show pin. Good luck contestants and back to you Michael. Okay, you guys ready? Mm-hmm. You both start off with 1,000 Scishow bucks, okay. Every time you answer a question correctly, you will win 200 points. Do you answer incorrectly, you lose a hundred points. Survive points, do you mean Scishow bucks? Yeah, they are interchangeable one-to-one currency exchange. Do you ask that question every episode? No, no he’d ever says points. Oh, okay. They use different units of measurement for points every yeah every time. Good, yeah. Next time it, you should just say beams. Okay, so you both have 1,000 beams, oh great. Beams is actually like a thing that people say up for money right time with beams? Okay. Since the first ever VidCon Australia is coming up at September, now seems like a good time to test your knowledge of Australian wildlife. Mm-hmm. Okay, so that’s the topic of our first round non placental mammals.

Questions Options
What should you put on a box jellyfish sting? Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, ethanol or aloe
From 2004 to 2011, more than 4,000 female koalas in a national park in Victoria had hormonal birth control implanted in them. What was the problem? They were infected with chlamydia which would have been passed on to their babies, they were infected with chlamydia and the contraceptive would help clear their symptoms, they weren’t infected with chlamydia and their population was growing too quickly as a result, or they were infected with koala retrovirus another STD which would have made their babies more vulnerable to chlamydia?

Australia’s Terrifying Animals

You’ll often hear people talking about how Australia is home to the world’s deadliest spiders and snakes but even if you manage to avoid those there are plenty of other super dangerous animals to worry about down under like the box jellyfish. A few species of box jellyfish have some of the most deadly venom in the world and they just so happen to live in the oceans around Australia as well as the rest of the Indo-pacific. Jellyfish stings in Australia are serious business and a lot of beaches have first aid stations where you can grab something to put on the sting. There’s some evidence that this stuff prevents stinging cells from releasing more venom. The question is – what should you put on a box jellyfish sting – vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, ethanol or aloe? I’m afraid that is incorrect. I’m gonna try to vinegar. That is correct.

Adorable Ones – Koalas

One big problem facing koalas right now is that there’s been a massive outbreak of chlamydia. They use protection they get symptoms like pinkeye chest infections and something called wet bottom where they can’t control their bladders. They poop in their sleep, right? That’s none of that they’re supposed to, okay. Not chlamydia, really? Not just, yeah. Their metabolisms are so slow that they sleep so much that sometimes they’re just like not that different from humans. I can confirm, okay. So anyway, chlamydia can also cause infertility which has led to a big decline in the koala population. These days about 70% of koalas have chlamydia although the koalas in some areas have it much worse than others. With that in mind, from 2004 to 2011 more than 4,000 female koalas in a national park in Victoria had hormonal birth control implanted in them. What was the problem?

Space Toilets

In 1984, a few days into the first mission using space shuttle Discovery, the crew realized they had a serious problem. The toilet system had malfunctioned. Oh, yeah, yeah. The nozzle is wet bottom. The nozzle that was supposed to dump waste water out into space got stuck and there was a…

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