Scuturi „mobile” (Tehnologie ciudată din Primul Război Mondial)

Mobile Shields in World War One | Blog Article

Mobile Shields in World War One

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Mobile Shields in World War One

World War One was the war of innovations and new types of weapons and equipment. A lot of effort was made to protect the soldiers both in the trenches and in no man’s land. One way to do it was with the help of infantry shields. Sniper shields were a kind of small metal shield that served to protect snipers from enemy fire.

These were good as protection if he was well concealed but were far too heavy to be used when advancing. For that reason, mobile shields were introduced to be carried by soldiers into battle. These shields were initially quite small and therefore only provided minimal protection to the soldiers. They only really protected the soldier’s torso, leaving his limbs exposed to a risk of injury.

Type of Mobile Shield Features
French Mobile Shield Heavy steel gun shield mounted on two large hollow wooden wheels
British One-Man Tank Made completely out of metal, including the wheels, with a chrome nickel steel hull
Large French Mobile Shield Big enough to provide cover for five soldiers, with five embrasures on the front plate
The Ped Rail Platform for a machine gun with a large thick front plate and two hinged side plates

Final Thoughts

The construction of mobile shields was too crude to be able to move around on the moonlit craters of the terrain of the World War One battlefields. Heavy metal wheels had no suspension, which made it terrain filled with shell holes impassable, even to the smallest mobile shields. Finally, all mobile shields were designed to protect a soldier from small arms fire being directed in front of him, except for the British one-man tank, which also protected the sides.

Since they had no other protection, soldiers behind the shield were completely vulnerable to shrapnel coming from shells exploding around and above them. Because of the poor protection that they offered and their lack of maneuverability, mobile shields became perfect targets for the artillery, which was the most destructive weapon on the battlefield.

In any case, mobile shields stand as another curious weapon of World War One.

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