Show-ul de întrebări SciShow: Hank vs. Stefan

…if selected, a team of researchers predicted that dinosaurs would only have been able to produce open-mouthed bellows and rollers sounds, which sounded familiar to them. The correct answer was false, as this study has shown that many birds produce sounds by pushing air into a throat pouch even with closed mouths. This type of vocalization has also evolved in birds and crocodiles, which are related to dinosaurs, suggesting that dinosaurs may have also produced similar sounds. Moving on to the next round, we dive into the fascinating world of extreme sounds. Did you know that some parts of the universe contain stray bits of dust and gas particles that can serve as a medium for sound waves? One such region is the Perseus Cluster, a collection of thousands of galaxies. Scientists used NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory to detect sound waves in this colossal cosmic structure by studying the interactions between the hot gas inside the cluster. In the final round, our contestants will guess the final scores and wager points for their patrons, Bryce and Jonathan, to win exclusive signed cards and secret SciShow swag from Will it be Bryce or Jonathan who takes home the coveted “I won SciShow quiz show” pin? Only time will tell! In conclusion, we’ve learned about how humans and animals measure things, as well as the incredible navigation skills of Saharan desert ants. We’ve also dived into the world of extreme sounds, from the sound waves detected in the Perseus Cluster to the vocalizations of dinosaurs. Who will emerge as the winner of today’s SciShow Quiz Show? Stay tuned to find out!

Clip video in engleza despre asta, numit : SciShow Quiz Show: Hank vs. Stefan

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