The battlefields of World War I: intensive course of European history #33

Crash Course European History – World War I

Crash Course European History – World War I


Hi, I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. In today’s episode, we will discuss the events leading up to World War I, as well as the initial stages of the conflict and the impact it had on the people involved.

The Blank Check and Ultimatum

Before the outbreak of World War I, Germany had promised to back Austria-Hungary in any war, whether offensive or defensive. Armed with this so-called “blank check” of support, the Austro-Hungarian Habsburgs issued an ultimatum to Serbia, blaming them for the assassination of their Archduke. Serbia accepted the harsh conditions except one, leading to tensions between the two nations.

European Mobilization

Germany and the Central Powers mobilized against Serbia, sparking a chain reaction in Europe. Russia came to the defense of its ally, Serbia, and France mobilized to aid Russia. The situation was complicated by the involvement of Britain, which initially did not declare war.

Outbreak of War

As millions of young men were trained in military conscription efforts, the outbreak of war seemed imminent. The fast-paced mobilization efforts were expedited by the use of railroads and automobiles to move troops and supplies quickly across Europe.

War Plans and Western Front

Germany declared war on France and initiated the Schlieffen plan, which involved marching through neutral Belgium to descend into France. The plan was complicated by the swift mobilization of the Russian army to aid its allies.

Trench Warfare and Supply of Soldiers

The western front settled into a grim pattern of trench warfare, resulting in massive casualties. As the war progressed, combatants enlisted soldiers from colonies, conscripting hundreds of thousands more to join the conflict.

Diversity and Fraternization

The involvement of soldiers from different nations and continents brought diversity to the trenches, with soldiers learning about different ways of living and occasionally fraternizing with the enemy. The trenches, however, remained hellish pits of filth and death.

Impact of Technology and Artistic Representation

New technology, such as poisonous gases and airplanes, added to the death toll, resulting in a peculiarly modernist hell of repetition. Artists sought to capture the horror and brutality of the battlefield experience through their work.


World War I was a horrific and brutal conflict that had a profound impact on the people involved. The chaos and devastation unleashed by the war would shape the course of European history for years to come.

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