The translation of “SciShow Talk Show: Kallie Moore, Ancient Life, And A Dragon” into Romanian is: “Show de discuții SciShow: Kallie Moore, Viața Antică și Un Dragon”


Scishow Talk Show with Callie More

Hey it’s scishow talk show it’s that day on scishow where we talk to interesting people about interesting things today we have Callie more of the Collections Manager at the University of Montana paleontology Center you manage fossils I do that that’s the job that’s my job yeah so the technical term is Collections manager but I like to call myself a librarian for fossils so your fossil library yeah fossil librarian you got a big room full of huge why haven’t I got better because I see that you guys do off-site talks all the time so you guys are gonna have to come visit Totally yeah that’s exciting we got how how big is your room I think we’re at like 1200 square feet and we have the suite space saver compactor system yeah so we have like the thank you that no no it’s electronic we just push a button we’re fancy well our rocks Weigh a lot and so to have it geared with one of the little crank handles you’d have to like spin it really really fast and it wouldn’t yeah so how many specimens do you have so we don’t know yet I mean that’s one of your jobs I Feel like is to figure out how many specimens we have yes but I estimate about 40,000 specimens probably we have about 30,000 on the database right now and I know there’s quite a few that have never been entered into the database so don’t you do you want us to help get you Some volunteers to help with that everybody come volunteer for me wherever you are come curate some fossil there side there’s viewers in Missoula I know I know I hope they do I would love to do that sounds like a real nice kind of cathartic tax is it’s a little tedious So you don’t get to sit down I assign you a drawer and you pull it open you take a little fossil out type of number type in numbers yep and then take a picture of it but it’s easy with that we just use an iPad to take pictures and And then you upload everything and good go so you work at the University yeah and how did you get that cool job uh pretty awesome actually I was in my undergraduate back at Emporia State University in Kansas and I was in a class called geo writing and geo Literature so it’s just kind of a class to help you write more scientifically especially within the geosciences and half of the class was to do mock application processes so just find a job you’re remotely interested in and let’s build a resume cover letter that sort of thing so my instructor hands out earth Magazines and I get a relatively recent one and I flip to the back and I’m looking through there and I find the job announcement first you apply for this job as a as an assignment and so I raise my hand like I want that job I want this Job like I like want it and he was like well when is the application due and I think this is September of 2007 or something and it was due October of 2007 and he was like well are you ready to eat sleep and breathe you know your Resume and I was like yep let’s do this and so got this huge packet of look how awesome I am and put it in the mail and I didn’t hear anything back for I think two months or more so I was like I’m not Gonna get it you know and then I got a phone interview radio silence and then I got a call I think like two weeks before my last finals of my undergraduate career and was like oh can you come up oh yeah the only week we have for you to Come up for a formal interview is your finals week yes so I smash all my finals into two days Thursday and Friday of my finals week and I come out here from Monday Wednesday and have my interview it was whirlwind I talked to everybody on campus it felt like and then I’m Sitting at a computer in the library finishing up my senior thesis and I get the official phone call Wow they’re like oh and by the way we need you here in like four weeks before the spring semester starts so you get to move to Montana in January yeah I mean But she got a job right and right and then the great recession hit and I had a job and it was amazing right oh well seven yeah yeah so I was here I got here actually this Saturday is my eighth year anniversary in in Missoula so well congratulations Yeah here what did you bring us I brought some fossils today I guess you’re going to try to ID them and then put them into Mordor can I do that okay I will try Audrey oh I do I do I do want to try and put them in Ford Age order I feel like I have some two youngest okay I mean this is very cool and I am sure that it is by far the oldest thing it is correct this looks like a fossilized bacterial Matt am i right yep they are so dramatic yeah that’s one of my favorite specimens In the entire collection it’s actually the only one that’s not from Montana because it is so pretty I wanted to bring one so it’s called a stromatolite banded iron formation it’s from Minnesota and you have any guesses of how old it is oh gosh no um it’s anywhere from one and A half to two and a half billion years old so with a B that’s yeah so I was right that’s the oldest thing yeah yeah I’m gonna go ahead and say that this is the second oldest thing just because it’s a fish it is fish and fish are Older then this looks like a land animal and this looks like a land animal very good so detective skills okay yeah so this guy um is a coelacanth which is right I thought that a mine was just got I was gonna say I should have just said It I was embarrassed to say it no it is and this is from the Bear Paw scale from central Montana it’s about 318 million years old and there’s not a whole lot of fossils of coelacanths out there and this locality in particular has I don’t know like 10 different species of coelacanths Yeah so it’s a really neat locality and the preservation on these specimens is just amazing I mean it looks it looks like the coelacanth that we still have yeah just toy tiny yeah exactly so our largest coelacanth from this time is only about maybe a foot and a half long So back in these days they were much smaller and they live more in shallow water instead of like the deeper water where they live today so interesting um I’m gonna go with this as our next oldest thing because I don’t know what it is I was I was wrong it’s wrong it’s not The next oldest one so that that this this ant this piece of some kind of antler clothes it’s not an antler no it’s actually a horn core it’s a prom oh okay so this little guys from the Maya scene here in Montana I brought a little cheat sheet because I can’t remember Everything I try okay so this is this is the thing that that the horns are keratinous yeah row on top of and pronghorns are weird all across the bird and this is little two promises to be smaller or was this a baby they were smaller background um so this guy is From the Maya scene so about 25 mil okay I take okay no I was gonna guess that this was actually a dinosaur bone no it’s not a dinosaur bone because it’s big and I have…

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