Who was Blackout Ripper?

The Blackout Ripper

The Blackout Ripper

World War II on the homefront

For the British, World War II was tough, but they were resilient. Having endured the terrible Blitz from September 1940 to May 1941, during the attacks the Germans had tried to relentlessly bomb the British into submission by mass aerial attacks killing around 43,000 civilians and wounding another 139 thousand. By 1942, the intensity of these bombings had died down until the Germans still carried out regular bombing raids, especially in London. In February 1942, the British had endured nearly three years of blackouts and two years of German air raids to the point they had become very much a part of daily life. Though for the British, the grim realities of war were never that far away.

The Reign of Terror

On February 8, 1942, the shocking news came that the mighty British fortress of Singapore was under attack by the Japanese. But also on that day, there was a gruesome discovery much nearer to home. In an air raid shelter in central London, a woman’s body laid lifeless on the floor. It appeared that she had been strangled to death. The grim reality was the likely culprit was not a German, but a British citizen. Thus, started the week-long reign of terror of the Blackout Ripper.


Day Victim Location Age Occupation
Sunday February 8th, 1942 Evelyn Hamilton Air raid shelter near Marble Arch in London 40 years old Pharmacist
Monday February 9th, 1942 Evelyn Oatley (also known as Nita Ward) Victim’s flat at Wardour Street in Soho, London 35 years old Part-time actress and prostitute
Tuesday February 10th, 1942 Margaret Florence Lowe (also known as Pearl) Victim’s flat at Gospel Street, Merrill of Own 43 years old Prostitute
Wednesday February 11th, 1942 Doris Uoa (also known as Doris Robson) Victim’s flat at Sussex Garden in Paddington 32 years old Prostitute and housewife
Thursday February 12th, 1942 Greta Hayward Piccadilly Circus, London 32 years old Unknown

The Killings Continue

As the days went on, the attacks continued, with different victims each time. The police were under immense pressure to solve the case and bring the Blackout Ripper to justice. The London police force, already stretched thin from its Civil Defence duties, was struggling to cope with the rising crime rates and the new challenge posed by the serial killer on the loose.

Speculations and Theories

  • Robbery may have been a motive in some cases.
  • Some victims may have had complicated relationships that could have led to their demise.
  • It was possible that the killings were the work of a copycat killer.

With each passing day, the fear and panic in London grew as the Blackout Ripper continued his reign of terror. The pressures of war and the pervasive blackout added an extra layer of fear in the city, making the hunt for the killer all the more challenging for the police. The Blackout Ripper case remains one of the most infamous unsolved serial killer cases in British history.

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